NAILPRO-file Featuring: Candy Nail Bar

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NAILPRO-file Featuring: Candy Nail Bar
Candy Nail Bar


What is your craziest/funniest salon story?
Lots of craziness! 'Cuz we're all a little crazy to be artists! We have 2 tattooed tough-looking gentlemen who work with our team, so the reactions of customers to them are quite funny!


One time there was a shoot for a TV show (we do lots of shoots here in Quebec) called "Occupation Double." It's kind of like "Big Brother" but in French. Well, on the pedi bench there were fans of the show being filmed talking about their reaction to the winner. One of them was a being little catty and guess who was in the second room getting her nails done?  Yeah, the winner!  So she walked in told the fan off. It was totally unplanned (I checked) and so funny! Like, what are the chances?