NAILPRO-file Featuring: Utopia Nails!

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NAILPRO-file Featuring: Utopia Nails!
Utopia Nails


What is your most popular service?
My nail art. I have many different ways of providing art work. From the traditional striping brushes to glitters and foils. I also use stamping plates (koand, moyou). These are very popular. They are simple to use, easy to transport, and there are so many amazing designs that your clients will always find something they love. You can use them with nail polish or shellac power polish, which makes it very popular. You just paint the nails a base colour and let them dry (or set them in the case of shellac) Then you paint your design colour into the recess in the metal plate, take away the excess with the blade (usually attached to the rubber stamper, or a separate plastic blade) then push your rubber stamper into the design, it will transfer onto the stamper. Then stamp the nail and it will be transferred.


What products do you use in your salon and why did you choose them?
I use only CND acrylic products for my enhancements, as well as CND shellac for natural nails.

After my initial training in London, I did a CND conversion course. I had had some trouble with the products I'd been using causing skin irritations and lifting. So off to Leeds to Sweet Squared I went. I immediately noticed the superior quality of the acrylics. I have done all of my follow up training with them and when they launched shellac, I just had to add it to my service list. They are industry innovators. In my opinion all other companies are following behind. All my prep products are also CND. My nail polish collection, though, is really just any colour I see that I like or think will suit a certain client, or compliment a design of art work I've been thinking.


Do you offer retail?
No, I don't really offer retail. Since I have to carry everything with me at all times, it's too difficult to carry retail products, too. I do heavily recommend clients use cuticle oil and hand creams and advise ways of keeping their hands looking and feeling good. First rule I tell them: Wear rubber gloves when cleaning. If they do that, then that's the hardest battle won.