NAILPRO-file Featuring: Elite Manicures!

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NAILPRO-file Featuring: Elite Manicures!
Elite Manicures


What is your funniest/craziest salon story?
One day my cat got into the room and jumped up on my table! He laid down on my client's hands which had a fresh coat of un-cured gel and accessories on it. I was less than impressed. However, we had a good chuckle. (He now resides in the bedroom when I have clients.)


 1753 If there was one piece of advice that you could pass along to another salon owner, what would it be?
Pace yourself. Doing 20 people a day may be great, but you can only sustain that for so long.


Anything else you'd like to add?
Be smart, always one step ahead. Don't be afraid to make YOUR business the best in that moment with a client. Always go that extra mile. That is what builds a client relationship and that causes referrals.



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