12-Year-Old Nail Prodigy Sets Up Salon In Her Caravan

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12-Year-Old Nail Prodigy Sets Up Salon In Her Caravan

In a little caravan in the seaside village of Marske in the UK, 12-year-old Brooke Dowey paint nails for her customers, and it’s really catching on: her appointments usually fill up 3-4 weeks in advance, she placed third in the Gelish Summer Bright Nail Art Competition, and she has had her designs featured on MSN and in Nail It! Magazine.
1430 Dowey’s fascination with nail art began when she was only ten, trying out different patterns on real nails and nail wheels in her bedroom. For fun, she created a Facebook page under the name Nails by Lottie Lace, where she posted pictures of her designs. Soon after that, friends began asking her to do their nails, and Dowey’s bedroom just didn’t have the space.
1429 Looking for alternatives to a small salon or extra bedroom, Dowey and her mother sought a tiny vintage caravan they then renovated into a whimsical nail bar, where she now creates dainty Gelish designs on the tips of her clients.


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