10 Ways To Stop Enhancement Lifting

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10 Ways To Stop Enhancement Lifting

Clients and techs both prefer a nail enhancement that stays stuck on nails for long wear, without pulling up! If you’ve had problems with lifting, acrylic ratios, or application, check out these ten tips.

10.) Use only high-quality name brand professional products. Don’t waste time with cheap products you’ll only need to then repair.

9.) Incorrect preparation is the main cause of lifting. Before you begin, have your client wash hands and scrub her nail plates to reduce oils. Push back the cuticle, lightly buff the surface (don’t use a file coarser than 180-grit), remove all the excess dust with a disinfectable nail or surgical brush, clean the nail with a lint-free wipe and nail prep solution, and apply the recommended primer.

8.) Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and keep like brands together. Don’t stray from the directions or skip steps. Don’t use one monomer liquid with another type of polymer powder – the chemicals in one brand may not mesh well those in another.

7.) Don’t let it flood! Leave a thin margin of at least 1/16th of an inch around the cuticle. However, don’t leave an “edge” that you can feel after filing – it may catch on something and pull the enhancement up.

6.) Avoid product contamination. Store your brushes in a clean, dry, covered container with the bristles pointed down. Don’t use soaps, detergents, or oils to clean or condition them. Clean your dappen dishes between clients and never leave them full overnight. Never pour monomer liquid back into the container.

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